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Muschamp addresses the Gator Nation

Spring football is over and summer is on the horizon. It was 87 degrees today in Gainesville and head coach Will Muschamp had a few minutes to talk with Inside The Gators, the Florida Rivals site.

Muschamp gave the Gator nation (should “nation” be capitalized?) their role for the season.

The first-year head coach said, "More than anything: Be a positive member of our team. If you've got an issue or a problem, don't boo. Boo me if you want to; wait until after the game is over and let me know.”

“Our guys need positive reinforcement in what we do and how we do it. I understand, 'We pay our ticket; we deserve [the right] to be critical.' Be critical of me. Be critical of our staff. We deserve that; our players don't."

Interestingly, Muschamp told the story why he decided to hire D.J. Durkin, who had served on Urban Meyer’s staff last season after coming over from Jim Harbaugh’s staff on The Farm.

"I'm recruiting a young man out of Atlanta," Muschamp said. "I was at another school in the SEC at the time. [The] young man grew up an SEC football fanatic and wanted to play in the SEC his whole life. A guy named D.J. Durkin is coaching the linebackers and the special teams at Stanford. 

Durkin wound up convincing the young man to play at Stanford and that definitely left an impression on Muschamp.

This is where we miss having Harbaugh in college football. If Harbaugh was still the head coach at Stanford, we would guess that by next Thursday, he would have a pretty humorous comeback to Muschamp’s comment.