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Muschamp: Balance your staff with coaches and recruiters

Yesterday, on WYGM in Orlando Will Muschamp was asked an interesting, thought provoking question that could be posed to any coach in the country.

Would you rather be the best recruiter in the country (Florida pulled in a top five class last week) or a great X's and O's coach?

Muschamp responded by first saying that you have to be a mixture of both, but he tells his coaches that "if you can’t recruit then you’re not going to coach at Florida."

Muschamp went on to explain why the recruiting aspect is so valuable, beyond just getting the most talented players in the country.

"The bottom line is getting good players in here and then there’s a process of being a good coach, and I think the first thing is you have to be able to evaluate. You have to be able to put the film on and figure out, ‘Does he fit in what we want?’ Then you have to be able to recruit and build the relationship as far as that is concerned. Then when we get them on campus, whether it’s in the strength program or the academic program, you have to be able to develop them and coach them on Saturday."

"Those are the key things you have to be able to do and I think you have to have a good mixture. Are some coaches going to be better at Xs and Os than recruiters and some better recruiters than Xs and Os? Absolutely, but it is your job as the head coach to get a good balance on your staff of those guys.”

College coaches would benefit from keeping that in mind the next time a hire has to be made. What are the strengths of your current staff and do you need to add a guy who is stronger in recruiting, or should you go with more of a tactician?