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Muschamp talks about Saban; but doesn't speak french

So, as anyone who watches the worldwide leader will be reminded 400 times this week, on Saturday Nick Saban takes his team from Alabama into the great state of Florida to play Will Muschamp's team.

Naturally, Muschamp was asked a few questions (ok, a lot of questions) about Saban today.

In the video below, Muschamp says of Saban, "Nick never asked me to do anything as an assistant coach that he didn't do as a head coach, from a work standpoint, as far as film preparation, from a recruiting standpoint, as far as evaluation and going out and recruiting...He's a guy who works extremely hard. He's got a great work ethic in what he does...program management, philosophically knowing who you want to be...offense, defense, special teams....identifying in the recruiting process what kind of player you are recruiting from a critical factor standpoint, not just from speed, height, weight but all of the intangible qualities..."

Then the questions just got a little silly. Reporter uses some term from a recent Star Wars movie and Muschamp's response is awesome. "Huh?...I don't speak french either." Trust us, watch and laugh.

Muschamp's quotes about Saban begin around the 1 minute mark. The Star Wars stuff begins around the 2:20 mark.