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Navy coach blames himself, explains situations

Navy head coach Ken Niumatalolo blames himself for the decision to go for the win.

Following the 17-14 loss, Niumatalolo said, "It was probably a bad call on my part to go for it at the end. The biggest fault was my fault. We could have kicked and put it into overtime and see what happens. Bad decision.”

"Everyone in the country knows what we're going to do. It's not like it's been a new deal," Niumatalolo said. "He did it on another one and scored. He was ready to score another one when he fumbled. There's no secret what we're going to do. We're going to put the ball in our best player's hands and live with it."

Navy ran 82 plays compared to Maryland's 39 plays. The Midshipmen outgained the Terps 485 to 272 yards.

Niumatalolo added, "They beat us in a lot of facets. Special teams-wise I thought they got after us, they won the turnover battle and we struggled early with stopping the run. You have to give Maryland the credit. Maryland got it done. They made plays to win the game."

As far as the clock mismanagement at the end of first-half, quarterback Ricky Dobbs took the blame.

Dobbs said, “After that moment right there, I became unaware of everything I had been told just before. Coach told us right before, if you don't have anything, throw it out of bounds and we'll kick a field goal. I definitely lost focus right there. Instinct took over and got the best of me."

Niumatalolo explained, "The one at the end of the half killed us. Ricky knows. He's got big shoulders. And the one at the end was my fault. That's on me."

Navy returns to action this Saturday when the Midshipmen host Georgia Southern.