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NCAA to change rule currently banning game balls being awarded to players

We covered the ridiculous rule when it first came to our attention ten days ago, but the NCAA has since decided to take another look at their stance on awarding game balls to student athletes. Just to recap, ESPN analyst Jay Bilas sent this tweet on the NCAA rule that had him both laughing and scratching his head.

Here's what prompted the rule being revisted. The Baltimore Sun points out that a recent conversation that a staffer had with a NCAA spokesperson where the spokesperson stated that student athletes can indeed keep a game ball. That statement, along with the attention the issue had garned over the past week and half, prompted the NCAA to send out a memo to athletic conferences stating that the interpretation of the rule is being revisited.

"Recently, the media asked the staff whether it is permissible for a student-athlete to receive a game ball as a result of his or her performance in a particular contest,” the memo conferences received states.

“Under current legislation, awards for specialized performances in a single contest may only be provided by the conference and an outside organization (e.g., local business) and must be a certificate, medal or plaque limited to $80 in value.”

In other words, the NCAA's stance on the issue is evolving, and fast.

So what we, and numerous other people out there following this development, gather from these facts is that only once the issue is brought to the NCAA's attention do they realize how utterly ridiculous it is.

It also helps when an ESPN analyst like Bilas (with over half a million Twitter followers) brings it to the forefront and laughs about it in front of everyone using social media.