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NCAA announces rule changes for 2011, doesn't help Dooley now

A couple of rule changes for the 2011 season have been announced today by the NCAA.

Most notably, Derek Dooley gets his wish.

A 10-second rundown of the game clock will occur if a team commits a foul that stops the clock in the final minute of both halves.

Dooley said last week, "I told people I was 8-7 in postgame handshakes. We played 13 games but I had 15 postgame handshakes."

Another rules allows for LIVE television broadcasts only in the coaching booths. Both teams need to have equal access to a television in the booths for the purpose of determining whether a team should request an instant-replay challenge.

Also, three defensive lineman cannot line up shoulder-to-shoulder on PAT / FG Block. Three against one is unfair and someone can get hurt.

Since you are thirsty for a Friday afternoon news snack, in honor of Dooley, here’s the last few seconds of LSU vs. Tennessee.