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NCAA officially adopts rules changes, pauses on recruiting reforms

What we first warned about a month ago became official Thursday as the NCAA announced that targeting penalties will now be met with an ejection, pending video review. 

If a targeting penalty occurs in the first half of a game, the player is removed from the rest of that game. If a foul occurs in the second half or overtime, the player will lose the rest of that game and the first half of the following contest.

Additionally, cut blocks are now allowed by "stationery players in typical line play". The "Boise State rule", barring teams from wearing a monochromatic uniform matching the playing surface, has been revoked.

The following rule changes were also passed by the NCAA today.

- A 10-second runoff will now be enacted for injury timeouts in the final minute of each half.
- A three-second minimum has now been established for teams to spike the ball. If the clock shows only one or two seconds to play in a given half, the offense must run a play.
- Players changing numbers during a game must report the change to the referee, who will then announce it to the stadium.
- Players occupying the same position can not share a number. For instance, two quarterbacks can not both wear No. 7.
- The on-field officiating crew is now permitted to use wireless communication.
- Instant replay may now adjust the clock at the end of each quarter. This was previously allowed only at the end of each half.
- The standard for number displays on jerseys has now been clarified.

The NCAA's Rules Working Group has also hit pause on a pair of the controversial recruiting reforms first introduced in January. In the NCAA's words...

  • Prop. No. RWG-11-2, which eliminated the definition of recruiting coordination functions that must be performed only be a head or assistant coach, be suspended until appropriate modifications can be made. The concept will be considered as the membership ponders its approach to non-coaching personnel.
  • Prop. No. RWG-13-5-A, which eliminated restrictions on printed materials sent to prospects other than general correspondence, be suspended to allow for a broader discussion of the rule.

In English, this means that everyone in the football building, from coaches to SIDs to janitors, are now not allowed to participate in recruiting. And the limits on sending printed materials are now back on. It's time to call Fathead and cancel your order.