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NCAA proposing to limit roles of DFO's


The NCAA has sent out four new concepts today on non-coaching staff limitations, inviting feedback from programs across the country.

The concepts include:

  1. Extend the current prohibition on individuals associated with with a prospect being employed by institutions to work in non-coaching positions in mens basketball, womens basketball and football. (NCAA bylaw 11.4.2)
  2. Require that non-coaching staff members with sport specific responsibilities in football and men's and women's basketball have no previous professional or collegiate coaching experience as a head or assistant coach.
  3. Place limits on the number of non-coaching staff members in the bench areas during competition in men's and women's basketball and football.
  4. A combination of all three concepts.

Judging by the response at the DFO clinic we're attending, the NCAA will not be getting the feedback they had hoped for.