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NCAA releases average home attendance figures

Michigan led the nation in 2010 with an average home attendance of 111,825 fans. Ohio State, Penn State, Alabama, and Texas each averaged over 100,000 fans per home game.

Tennessee, UGA, LSU, Florida, and Auburn rounded out the top 10 for average home attendance.

Notre Dame (13th) averaged 80,795, meanwhile Oregon (29th) averaged 59,398 per home game.

The top 10 at the D1-AA level included Appalachian State (25,715), Montana, Jackson State, Old Dominion, Delaware, Georgia Southern, Jacksonville State, Harvard, James Madison, and North Dakota State.

The 120 FBS teams averaged 45,912 fans in 755 home games this season.

You can see the top 30 for each division (D1, D1-AA, D2, D3) right here.