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Neal Brown tired of faked injuries, Cutcliffe tired of INTs, McMackin: They don't want to play us anymore

Texas Tech offensive coordinator Neal Brown tired of opponents faking injuries to slow down Red Raiders: “The last three weeks, it seems like we’ve had a lot of injuries on the other teams. It’s amazing. They fall down, then they cramp up and all of a sudden, 30 seconds later, they jog off. It seems like that’s happened a lot the last three weeks.”

“Not really. Maybe they’re coached better to do it in the Big 12. I can’t say we’ve never seen it. I don’t think it’s real ethical. ... My question is, somebody’s telling them to do it. I doubt the kids are smart enough to figure that out.”

“Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to blow it out of proportion. That’s not the reason we had several three-and-outs to start the game. But they’re trying to kill our rhythm.”

Hawaii coach Greg McMackin takes personal satisfaction in beating Nevada because of the way Nevada is leaving the WAC: "There's a real personal satisfaction because they don't want to play with us anymore. They're too good for us now and they're trying to do what's good for their program, I understand that, but the way it was done, I don't know if that was right or not."

(compliments Nevada team) "(Nevada) is a team that played a lot of guys and has run a lot of points up on a lot of teams…and we have a good rivalry and I thought their players were very classy. It was a pretty clean football game."

"I give complete credit to coach Dave Aranda (defensive coordinator) and the defensive coaching staff. He had a great game plan and same thing offensively, I thought that Rolo (offensive coordinator Nick Rolovich) had a great game plan and they had to make some adjustments. I just think those two guys are doing a great job, and I'm really proud of my players…they fought their tails off and didn't quit and kept fighting and finished and that was a big win for us."

Quoting Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly during post-game locker room speech following win over Western Michigan: “We coached better in the 2nd half and we played better in the 2nd half because that’s the standard that we have around here. You gotta play the game the right way all the time, not just some of the time.”

(on defensive performance in the 2nd half) “The intensity was back (in the 2nd half). We just didn’t play with the same energy in the first half. Run, hit, get excited. Basic principles of playing great defense. We weren’t getting excited, playing the same energy in the first half.”

Duke head coach David Cutcliffe watched QB Sean Renfree throw 5 interceptions in 28-13 loss to Miami (FL): “No prophetic statement here at all. The bottom line is you will never win a game doing what we did today, and that’s giving the ball away.”

“He has to fight through it. He’s got to find a way out of this. We can’t compete with this going on. It just takes your chance to win away from you.”

Houston Nutt compliments Rebels defensive effort against Bama: "Best of the year. Best of the year. Best we've played of the year. Best tackling, tackling two of the greatest backs of the country. Thought we did a good job in coverage most of the time."

Florida safety Ahmad Black reiterates Urban Meyer’s message: "That's the first thing we acknowledged when we got in there (locker room). We lose as a team. We win as a team. I told them that we're still a family, no matter what, through thick and thin. We always stick together and pull it out."

Officials ruled a touchdown for Auburn, even after official replay. What do you think?