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Nearly two decades of head coaching experience can't prepare you for Notre Dame

Not even 19 years of head coaching experience, or a couple D-II national championship games, could fully prepare Brian Kelly for the head coaching position at Notre Dame.

At his press conference yesterday, Kelly explained how his development as a coach this season may have led to their success.

"I had 19 years of head coaching experience when I got here, and I thought that would prepare me...and I think that it did in a lot of areas, but not all the areas necessary to be the head coach at Notre Dame."

"I think the job tends to distract you. There are a lot of things that pull you away from the primary reason that you want to be the head coach at Notre Dame, and that is to graduate your players, and play for a national championship. To do that you have to have the pulse of your football team, you have to have relationships with your players and if you're going around the country half the time doing other things, then it's hard to have the pulse of your team." Kelly explained.

"I made it a point that I was going to spend more time with the team this year, because that's why I got into this. I want to develop 18-21 year olds."

"So my development as the head coach at Notre Dame this year has been about getting back to why you would want to coach college players."