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Nebraska OC Tim Beck will be playing hurt to start fall camp

Being an offensive coordinator at a Big Ten program isn't the type of job that lends to a healthy sleep cycle, so when a coach gets the chance for some shut eye, it's important to get the most out of those five(ish) hours the hectic coaching lifestyle allows. But for Nebraska offensive coordinator Tim Beck, sleep had become a battle with sleep apnea in recent years, so he recently underwent offseason jaw surgery to correct the issue.

Beck's jaw was broken in four places, which means speaking is more or less out of the question for the time being.

A soft food diet has Beck down 15 pounds and, if you're looking on the bright side, the Huskers' signaling system should be in mid-season form well before the Aug. 31 opener versus Wyoming.

“With no huddle we signal,” Beck texted “I should come up with some signals to rip their butts. Ha ha.”

We have to imagine head coach Bo Pelini will send any player looking for a way out of practicing through a few bumps and bruises next month to Beck for a good talking, or signaling, to.