Nebraska offensive coaches wearing ALL BLACK

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We think, for the first time, the Nebraska blackshirt tradition is taking to the offensive side of the ball in Lincoln.

Well, sort of.

To incorporate the blackshirt mentality on the offensive side, offensive coordinator Tim Beck and the other offensive assistants have worn ALL BLACK at practice this Spring.

Head coach Bo Pelini has alluded in the recent weeks that he wants the style of offense to resemble the attacking style for which has become a staple of the Huskers’ defense.

The ALL BLACK wardrobes are likely a symbol for the change in mindset on the offensive side under Tim Beck.

The blackshirt tradition dates back to the 1960’s. It is mainly understand that high performing defensive starters wear black jerseys on the practice field.

The only suspension of the tradition came in 2007 and 2008 when the Nebraska defense was essentially not a defense. In 2007, opponents scored pretty much at will against the Huskers… 49 (USC), 76 (Kansas State), 65 (Colorado), 45 (Oklahoma State), 40 (Ball State).

The Huskers will conclude Spring practice with a game on April 16th.