Nebraska strength program takes inventory

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Many teams around the country would be excited to carry a 9-4 record into the off season workouts. Nebraska is not one of those schools.

“It’s important these guys have input in what we do...ownership in the program,” Dobson said. For that reason, Dobson and the rest of the strength staff sat down with players last week to take an inventory.

The Huskers are using three losses against Michigan, Wisconsin and South Carolina as motivation in the offseason, and have put a renewed focus on the younger guys in the weight room.

"We need to do some things differently there than we’ve done in the past for younger guys in their development. ... When you’re a true freshman walking in the door, you’ve got a lot of things going on, and one of them is training maturity. Some of these guys — the first time they ever touch a weight is when they walk through these doors.”

The Huskers, and the freshman in general are in good hands as Dobson has proven to be one of the best in the business.