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Neuheisel stunned, Bellotti interested in return, Kiffin considering spread offense

Rick Neuheisel stunned following 60-13 loss at Oregon: “That was impressive. I’ll leave it at that. It was an overwhelming performance by them, especially offensively. They were dominant."

Tweet of the night: “If UCLA has a pistol offense, then Oregon’s is some kind of flesh melting ion bomb.”

Former Oregon coach Mike Bellotti interested in coaching again: “I don’t know; we’ll see. I like what I’m doing (ESPN). The travel is a little crazy, but I’m dealing with it. If the right job came up, I would listen. But right now I like doing what I’m doing.”

Lane Kiffin seriously concerned about OL depth: "Unless they start letting us enter 7-on-7 tournaments, we better find some linemen."

Kiffin says USC might move to spread offense next year due to personnel: "Look at what we have. We've got a bunch of really good receivers and backs and tight ends and we don't have a fullback on our roster that's on scholarship two months from now."

"That may be what we need to go to. We'll play with whatever we have."

Jim Harbaugh pumped up about offensive line play: "It's not just run blocking; it's the pass protection. Our linemen are blocking in 1-on-1 situations and getting it done. Sacks are always a good indication of how well the line is blocking (Stanford has given up three), but there are also fewer hits on Andrew and fewer throwaways than last year. It's the way they work and study game plans together."

Jeff Tedford talks about mindset heading into Arizona State game: "What we've talked about is we're halfway through the season, and we're 3-3. We take one game at a time and put our heart and soul into everything we do for each week and lay it on the line. You can't look at the big picture and start to worry about things like that. It's about focus and preparation for this week. That's all that matters."