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Neuheisel: The absolute priority was to make it physical

UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel just finished up talking with Dan Patrick on the Dan Patrick Radio Show.

Regarding his plan against Texas, Neuheisel said, “The absolute priority was to make it physical.” The Bruins finished with 264 yards rushing.

When asked about his pre-game locker room speech in Austin, Neuheisel said, “I get animated. Let’s just say I was excited.”

After saying, “I really did think we would have a great chance (to win),” Dan Patrick pressed the 3rd year UCLA head coach by asking, “No, no. Did you believe you would win the game?”

Neuheisel responded, “The answer is YES.”

Never wavering after a 0-2 start was important, Neuheisel explained.

“2 weeks ago, we were in the outhouse in college football. We’re going to need more of the same (hard work). In the aftermath, doubt isn’t what comes in. It’s just reality of getting the little things right. That’s what you do, get the little things better. We have to stack our days, so on Saturday’s we can relax a little bit. Confidence is important. We have to keep that going.”

“The hot seat is something you really apply to yourself. That’s not something you focus on. You focus on what I can do better. You focus on what I can add to the pot, so to speak.”

“I still think there is a bias against the PAC-10. Cal vs. Arizona was looked at as just a game, but that was two really good teams playing. I just think the PAC-10 gets the short straw when it comes to national recognition.”

UCLA hosts Washington State this Saturday.