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Neuheisel: We can't let the fog of war get us

UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel decided to go just 20-25 plays in the Bruins’ first scrimmage of summer camp.

After the scrimmage, Neuheisel stated, “Too many missed assignments, offensively. I thought the defensive play outstanding. It (offensive football) requirs everybody to be on the same page. It’s also a great lesson for the coaches to know how good they are coaching. ‘Are my guys doing what I’m telling them to do.’ If they’re not, I have to look myself in the mirror, too.”

“The effort has been outstanding. What I asked the team at the end is when they look at themselves in the mirror, are they really putting everything into being mentally sharp, to knowing everything there is to know about their position because as evidence by guys going the wrong way when all of a sudden the lights went on or the coaches left, we lost our mind. We’ve got to make sure the fog of war doesn’t get us. “

Below, you can watch Neuheisel in the middle of “Board Drill” as the Bruins mixed it up during Friday’s first day of full-pads.