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NFL: Sideline and end zone views now available

The NFL announced late last week that a new camera angle, appropriately named "All 22", would become available for fans to purchase through's Game Rewind package.

Prior to the decision to release the footage, the NFL surveyed subscribers to Game Rewind and found that “the level of interest in this product among those fans was off the charts, and that goes beyond coaches and sportswriters, where the interest is around 100%.”

According to the Game Rewind website, for $70 you can watch games complete with camera angles previously only available to NFL coaches and their scouting departments. The new angles will be made available after the game airs, and will allow you to see all 22 players on the field from both a sideline and end zone view.

Coaches interested in the new footage will appreciate the fact that the footage is cut up from snap to whistle, nothing in between. Just like watching it fresh from your video guys.

NFL general manager of digital media, Jeff Berman described the decision to release the new angles as "something to reward and engage our most passionate fans”.