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New coordinators David Lee and Geoff Collins hit the Mississippi airways

New Ole Miss offensive coordinator / quarterbacks coach David Lee and Mississippi State co-defensive coordinator / linebackers coach Geoff Collins both hit the Mississippi airways this morning.

Lee appeared Reb Sports Radio and said, “I have never had more fun and meshed better with a coach than Houston Nutt. This will be our fourth time together.”

“The system won’t change too much. These players and coaches have been in the system for a long time, so it wouldn’t be smart for me to come in and change 90% of the terminology. I’m not going to bring in our terminology from Miami (Dolphins). I do, however, want to work with the new receivers coach, whoever that might be, on some passing route combinations.”

Collins told host Matt Wyatt with First Call, “I got here about 5 AM this morning and I’m ready to get going.”

“Our expectation is to be the best defense in the country and the best group of linebackers in the country. You have to set goals.”

“At the end of the day, you are only as good as your players. I absolutely love recruiting. Some coaches look at it as a pain or evil. I am passionate about it.”

“4 things…Playing hard, having a nastiness, being physical, and the fundamentals of tackling are really, really important.”

“Before I got to FIU, they played MTSU with Dwight Dasher and allowed 369 yards on missed tackles. Then my first year against the same team with Dwight Dasher, we had just 4 yards of missed tackles.”