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New Features on FootballScoop

This weekend, we launched the new design of FootballScoop with one purpose…to provide an even greater resource for coaches and athletic directors. Rest easy though, The Scoop is not changing. We continue to cover every job in the business and we're always expanding our coverage.

After months of listening to suggestions from countless coaches from around the country, we found there were more ways for FootballScoop to help the coaching profession. Coaches want to know what other coaches are doing. They want to see it on video and in pictures, get the facts from short articles and there's a lot of uncertainty about who is using Twitter and how.

We have added a number of new features to the site to provide you with the content you have requested.

On the new homepage, you will now new find articles throughout the day, so that coaches can quickly learn what other coaches around the country are saying and doing with their programs. Also on the homepage, you will find the new FootballScoop photo gallery (pictures posted on the web, typically by coaches that we think you might find interesting) and a new video each day.

Our goal with the articles is to provide insightful & positive information that you can learn from. We take a lot of pride in avoiding "hot seat" talk. We don’t cover NCAA investigations, coaches in trouble with the law, rumors, and lawsuits.

We have added a Twitter Centeron the top menu bar from which you can see which D1 head coaches, assistants and athletic directors are tweeting and what they are saying. Each coach has his own style and this is a great source of information.

Our message boards have been upgraded and renamed The Staff Room, a great place for coaches to exchange information.

In the top right corner of the site you can now link to both our Facebook and Twitter pages. We have nearly 3,000 of you interacting with us daily on Facebook and with this redesign we have begun to use Twitter and will certainly see our following grow there. Become our friend or follow us and stay connected to FootballScoop.

In the next few weeks we'll provide an Update for the FootballScoop iPhone App. The content there will be better than ever. We'll keep you posted about this.

We appreciate all the coaches out there that visit our site on a daily basis. We appreciate your trust and we always keep our sources confidential. The compliment we most like to receive is that “FootballScoop helps coaches.” Thankfully, we receive that compliment quite often. Over the years, thousands of coaches have used information posted on FootballScoop to lead to new jobs. Coaches recognize that we are a “positive site.” That’s why each day thousands of coaches visit the site.

Finally, we couldn't do all of this for you and keep the site free if it weren't for the great group of advertisers and sponsors that we have. Please continue to show them your support and let them know you appreciate them working with us.