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New Mexico search update

First, we want to thank everyone for always emailing ( and texting (225.229.3429) in your tips. Since 1999, they have always been and will always remain confidential.

Alright, here's what we're hearing (and reading). First, we hear money is an issue. We hear locally that while some donors have pledged their allegiance, that a few others are waiting to see which way the university goes. While none of that should shock anyone, it likely will bring some realism to the ultimate selection.

Second, we're hearing that a lot of people do want to talk about the job. Plenty of names coming out of the states of Texas and Arizona, including both current head coaches and current assistants.

Finally, we read one last night that struck us as rather odd. Marv Levy was the head coach at New Mexico back in '58 and '59 before moving on to Cal. He went on to have a rather decent (yes that's a joke) career, being named the NFL Coach of the Year in 1988 and leading the Bills to four consecutive Super Bowls. Now here's the odd part, Levy says he's been trying to reach New Mexico's AD Paul Krebs' but has not gotten through to him. [Mr. Krebs please take that call next time.]

Levy says he wants to recommend Stanford special teams coordinator Brian Polian for the job. Polian, who also spent five seasons at Notre Dame, is the son of Colts vice chairman Bill Polian who was Levy's GM when Levy was head coach of the Bills. 

Presuming that they go with an active coach, the timing of this one is going to largely be driven by the success of that coach's current team. We'll keep you posted with what we hear as we move into November.