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New OHSAA playoff division added

Starting in 2013, the landscape for the Ohio High School football playoffs will look a bit different.

Aaron Dorksen explains on the that a seventh division will be added, making room for the top 10% of schools in population and splitting the schools previously classified as Division one up. The new Division 1 classifications will include schools with a head count of over 660 boys, which upon the most recent count, would include 72 schools. The remaining schools previously classified as Division 1 will be divided evenly into the remaining divisions.

The aim is to level the playing field and prevent large Division 1 schools with 1,200 boys from matching up with smaller Division 1 schools of only 650 boys. Each division will end up with about 108 schools in each class vying for playoff spots.

In all, the new move will level the field and open up 32 new playoff spots across the state.