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New proposal would allow boosters to pay coaches directly

A new proposal is being brought in front of the NCAA Division I Board of Directors today that is designed to "give campuses more autonomy over athletics and to streamline the NCAA’s vast rule book."

Among the changes being proposed are giving athletic staff members the ability to help coaches recruit, letting entire coaching staffs hit the road recruiting at the same, allow coaches to send unlimited text messages during certain periods, and allow coaches to talk publicly about prospects during their recruitment.

One of the major changes that the board will be taking a look at includes giving colleges the ability to establish their own policies in regards to coaching contracts and compensation from outside sources, such as boosters.

As it sits right now, colleges (but not their coaches) are allowed to take money from boosters and use that money toward bonuses or "other compensation" based on how they see fit. The proposed change would allow the boosters to deal direct with the coaches. Literally, boosters could structure their own incentive packages directly with coaches.

Some administrators, and fans in general, are afraid that allowing that would ruin the competitive balance that the NCAA strives for. But according to Clemson President James F. Barker, “The playing field is not and has never been and never will be level. To say the NCAA should try to create a level playing field is impossible and is not a wise path to take.” Further, Barker noted that other faculty members are already allowed to accept money directly from outside sources. 

The Board of Directors is not expected to vote on the issues until at least October but are meeting today to discuss with hopes that they gain enough support for it now to eventually pass it in October.