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NFL draft picks by college since 2000: Some surprising stats

Rivals editor Mike Hugugenin has released an interesting breakdown “By the numbers: NFL draft since 2000.”

Consider looking at the breakdown chart, but here are a couple of observations from us.

Ohio State (73), USC (69), and Miami (67) lead the nation with the most total draft picks since 2000. It’s Miami (FL) that leads the nation with 26 total first-round draft choices.

Surprisingly, Southern Miss has produced more total draft picks (19) than Mississippi State (18). Jeff Bower served as the Southern Miss head coach from 2000-2007. Jackie Sherrill coached the Bulldogs through 2003, before Sylvester Croom took over the Mississippi State program.

Even with the tradition and facilities in College Station, Texas A&M has produced only 2 first-rounders compared to the 14 by the Longhorns. That statistic was surprising to us considering the Aggies have played in 7 bowl games since 2000.

Here's one for you. Notre Dame has produced more total draft picks (46) than Texas (45). Seriously, even Lou Holtz and Mike Golic would have guessed Texas on that one.

Virginia, like the Cavaliers, have more first-round selections (6) than Virginia Tech (4). Would you have guess that?

32 players from Kansas State have been drafted, but only 9 from Baylor. With all the players in the state of Texas, how does that happen?

Outside of the service academies, four programs have produced fewer than 3 draft picks since 2000. Those programs include North Texas, Florida Atlantic, Duke, and New Mexico State.

Cincinnati, Duke, Iowa State, Indiana, and Mississippi State are the only BCS programs that haven’t produced a first-round draft choice since 2000. It is Starkville, but Mississippi State is in the SEC, right?

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