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NFL rule changes

A few big rule changes are taking place for the 2012 NFL season, one regarding overtime, and the other involving instant replay.

Last season's new overtime rules took hold in the postseason only, stating that each team would get one possession unless a touchdown was scored on the first possession of the overtime period. This season the rule will apply to the regular season as well.

Also, all turnovers will be subject to an instant replay review, similar to the way instant replay is currently used for touchdowns.

The NFL has also expanded its rules on hitting defenseless players to crackback blocks. The new rule will prohibit hits to the head and neck, along with the rule already in place barring players from hitting too low on crackbacks.

Two other rules were also passed including adding a loss of down for a illegally kicking a loose ball during play, and making too many men in formation a dead ball foul.

A few more changes have been tabled until the May owners meetings including changes to the trade deadline date (moving it from week 6 to week 8) and rules regarding players placed on injured reserved.

The owners voted on, and decided not to pass a rule that would take all video replays to the booth as well as a rule that would have removed the exception for horse collar tackles on quarterbacks within the pocket