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Nick Aliotti has a riddle for you

On Saturday, Oregon defensive coordinator Nick Aliotti knew his defense was going to have their hands full looking for an answer to stop Arizona's two headed rushing attack of Ka'Deem Carey and BJ Denker. They schemed for it all week, and couldn't seem to put it all together Saturday, losing 42-16 and allowing the Wildcats to rush for over 300 yards.

After the game, Aliotti was asked about how Arizona was able to use the short passing game to compliment their run game so effectively, and he answered with a riddle of sorts that only coaches could fully understand.

"Whenever you're not stopping the run, the pass plays become a lot more (effective)."

"When it gets to be a game like that, when A tries to do B's job, and B tries to do C's job...who's doing A's job? That's the best way that I can explain it to you."

"When a team can run the ball as efficiently as they did, and boy did they, a lot of things open up."

That may look like an impossible riddle to some, but if you watched the game Saturday (or have been in that situation defensively before), you know exactly what Aliotti is talking about.