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Nick Aliotti isn't a fan of Mike Leach's play calling

Washington State set an NCAA record with 89 passes on Saturday night, and ran the ball only 12 times. The Cougars threw and threw and threw well beyond the game's deciding scores, throwing touchdown passes with 3:48 to go and 11 seconds remaining in Oregon's 62-38 win. 

“That’s total (B.S.) that he threw the ball at the end of the game like he did,’’ Aliotti said in the post-game news conference. “And you can print that and you can send it to him, and he can comment, too. I think it’s low class and it’s (B.S.) to throw the ball when the game is completely over against our kids that are basically our scout team.

“Make sure he knows that,’’ Aliotti said. “Because I don’t really care.’’

“I am kind of stunned he would keep his quarterback and crew in there,’’ Aliotti said. “And still he threw the ball with 20 seconds left. But he did. They want stats, they got stats. But we got the most important stat and that’s the ‘W’ and we are happy about that.’’

Speaking of stats, Oregon is up to third in the Pac-12 rushing defense rankings after allowing two yards on Washington State's dozen carries.

"I'm repeating myself, but again, in the end he's still throwing at a time when most guys would try to end the game and go home," Aliotti said.

We're fans of Aliotti's work here on this site, but we have to disagree with his stance here.