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Niumatalolo goes for an unofficial college football record on day #1

In the spring, Navy head coach Ken Niumatalolo dropped a college football record 10 clichés in twenty-six seconds during a post-practice interview. We actually have the video to prove it.

Nothing wrong, it’s just Niumatalolo’s style. Hey, the guy wins for the most part.

On Tuesday, Niumatalolo went for an unofficial college football record of most yaw-yaw “coach speak” during an August camp post-practice interview.

Take it away, Coach Niumatalolo:

“Well, obviously it was great to have our first day of practice (1). Much anticipated. Very pleased with our first day of practice (2). It was great to be out there (3). It was great to have Coach Green back, our defensive coordinator who was unable to be with us during spring ball.”

“Also, to have our two captains back, Jabaree Tuani and Alex Teich. And so to have three major clogs from our program back at practice was a great treat for us, along with some of our young guys. We’re excited about some of our young guys (4). It was exciting (5). It was exciting to be out there (6). You prepare all summer and all spring for your first day of practice. I thought it went well. We still have a long ways to go, but I thought it was a good day one (6).”

“We are definitely trying to establish the culture of Navy football, the way we play. Obviously, there is always schemes and technique that’s being taught. But a big part of it is that our guys understand the tempo (7) and the pace at which we play, trying to play with great and relentless effort (8).”

“Defensively, our guys are trying to teach the speech at which we have to run to the football (9). And offensively, the effort level we have to play with (10). Those are the things we are trying to establish. Offensively, trying to take care of the football (11). Making sure that we don’t beat ourselves by turning it over (12). Defensively, trying to get some turnovers (13).”

Count it. That’s thirteen legitimate examples of “coach speak” in one minutes and thirty-four seconds.

Now that some good stuff.