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Niumatalolo wants Navy to exceed all other teams at...

Harp on a singular theme for long enough, the players will usually buy in.

That’s exactly what Navy head coach Ken Niumatalolo has been doing in recent weeks.

Niumatalolo wants his team to exude a level of mental toughness that exceeds any other team in the country.

Early on in spring practice, Niumatalolo said, "We're trying to create a culture of greatness, to make our guys understand the culture of Navy football. We have some young guys who have the size we always wanted and all the athletic tools, but we're trying to create the atmosphere that helps them learn the culture of how we want them to play. It's a mindset of toughness."

"Spring is more about developing a mentality than X's and O's?”

Before Saturday’s scrimmage, Niumatalolo continued to preach mental toughness.

He told the team, “I’m looking for the mental toughness that you do what’s right when you’re tired, when your finger is crooked, when your legs are a little bit hurt.”

Dang. “Crooked fingers?” Sounds like Coach Ken is serious.

Here are the neat sights & sounds from Saturday’s scrimmage in Annapolis: