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No more Big Ten - Pac 12 agreement

The Big Ten and Pac 12 agreement to play a total of 12 football games per year isn't going to happen after all.

According to ESPN, at least four Pac 12 teams were unwilling to follow through on the madatory scheduling agreement, citing the fact that Pac 12 teams are locked into nine conference games, while Big Ten teams only have eight. The entire timeline of the planning process, dating back to November, can be read here.

As Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany explained, the hurdles of coordinating schedules for 24 teams was just too much to overcome.

"We are disappointed to announce today that the Big Ten Pac-12 strategic collaboration announced jointly in December 2011 unfortunately will not be consummated. We recently learned from Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott that the complications associated with coordinating a non-conference football schedule for 24 teams across two conferences proved to be too difficult. Those complications, among other things, included the Pac-12's nine-game conference schedule and previous non-conference commitments."

For now we'll just have to be satisfied with the occasional Big Ten vs. Pac 12 match up and the Rose Bowl.