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No music allowed in Kentucky's weight room, and science explains why

If you've been following the changes that Kentucky has made to the way they train their players since head coach Mark Stoops and high performance coach Erik Korem have taken over in Lexington, you know that they're not only on the leading edge of training, but also monitoring their progress. If you aren't caught up on the methods that they're using to try and turn things around at Kentucky, this video takes a great look inside their workouts during the winter.

Literally everything has been taken into account by Korem and his staff, from the sports science angle to how their guys get in the right mindset for a workout. Spoiler alert: You won't find players listening to music or walking around campus with their headphones in. Listen to his reasoning and it actually makes a whole lot of sense.

Korem and his staff don't want "outside stimuli" to play a role in their basic "fight or flight" response as humans.

Any coach that has spent any time in the weight room with his team knows that had to be a tough sell to a bunch of college aged kids, and Korem did so by making sure that players understood the science behind the decision, which ultimately led to a big buy in from his guys.

"We actually showed them, through research, that there is something called 'fight or flight' response, and when you're about to go in the game, or if you're about to get into a fight, your nervous system excites. But when you're constantly plugged into music, we found that your body doesn't have that natural response." he explained.

"So when we first started training, we wanted to show these guys how to naturally, and fully control what we call their 'arousal levels', and it wasn't fun at the beginning, but then we explained to them that, 'Guys, you have to learn how to create your own music' and it started to click with them that YOU create your own level of excitement. You don't want to be hooked on some type of stimulus."

"Aside from that, we really try to work with our guys on not wearing their headphones all the time on campus because you're missing out on life. Music is great, but it shouldn't be used as the primary stimulus to get you ready to go all the time." Korem added.

Hear more from Korem below.