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"Nobody has a facility like this"

T. Boone Pickens is one of the main reasons that Oklahoma State has been able to build some of the most impressive facilities in the country. Just ask Mike Gundy and his staff. It definitely helps to have a guy like Pickens in your corner.

Oklahoma State's newest addition, the Sherman E. Smith indoor training facility, is really starting to take shape. The $19 million facility will feature two doors that are 80 feet wide, and one other door 120 feet wide, both of which will have the ability to roll up and basically open up the entire side of the building. Also, the facility was built with the strong Oklahoma winds in mind and has a unique design which runs north to south with the long sides of the building facing east and west due to the prevailing southwest winds that they see throughout the year.

After talking about some of the unique features of the building, Pickens explains in the early part of the clip that "nobody has a facility like this." With that said, we're excited to see the finished product and how it stacks up to some of the other impressive indoor facilities around the country.

The project should be completed sometime during next summer.