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Noel Mazzone: I'm just now getting over the hangover...

Arizona State ranks 12th nationally in total offense, averaging 495 yards per game, but first-year offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone knows the Sun Devils missed a golden opportunity last Saturday night. Mazzone watched his offense turn the ball over seven times in the 42-31 loss to Oregon. 

The Sun Devils threw four interceptions and had three fumbles in the game. Just one week earlier, ASU didn't have a single turnover in the 20-19 loss at Wisconsin. Fifty-three teams in D1 football have yet to turn the ball over seven times this season.

Mazzone told The Arizona Republic, "I tell you, I'm just now getting over the hangover from yesterday. It's kind of like I went to the prom and had a really good-looking date and I went home alone."

“I'd trade all 600 yards we had last week for five less turnovers, but that was one of the lessons we learned. It was amazing with seven turnovers that we were even as productive as we were. Usually with seven turnovers you're getting beat 50-0. There's light at the end of tunnel, now we just have to learn how to do some of the basic football fundamentals.”

“The things that make the Tom Bradys, the Drew Brees and the Peyton Mannings the guys they are, is how they execute in the red zone. Because let's face it: that's our job. Anybody can call plays from the 20 to the 20. Anybody can run those plays. But in the red zone the field gets a little tighter. There is a little bit more on the line. The game's got to slow down a little bit down there and I think that definitely will happen."

"It's orchestrated confusion. We really don't have a lot of football plays. We don't run a lot of different types of runs schemes or pass schemes. Pretty much we have a core of about 18-20 plays.”

Arizona State travels to Oregon State this weekend.