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Nothing easy coming for Rich Rod, MacIntyre, Rhoads, and Dooley

Quoting Rich Rodriguez: "Vince Lombardi could come in, too, and he’s not going to fix some of the problems we have."

San Jose State head coach Mike MacIntyre (on 11 season-ending injuries): "We’re playing a JV football team basically."

Paul Rhoads and Iowa State travel to Texas this week: “7 of top 22 teams in the BCS standings are on our schedule. … Our kids know they have to stay the course.”

Dooley can’t believe reporter asked about SEC standings: “Guys, if we’re looking at SEC East standings, we got problems. We need to be worried about our team.”

(on the Alabama defense) “Well, first of all, it’s nearly impossible to run the ball. They got some stout guys up front. I mean STOUT.”

Mack Brown evaluates Texas performance against Nebraska: “We tried to take away what they do best. We didn’t do that against UCLA. The scheme put all the pressure on our secondary. We on 21 hits on both quarterbacks (combined) and 3 missed tackles for 21 yards.”

“We have to improve our man coverage. It was a hard day to throw the ball with the wind fluttering. We had 3 defensive penalties, 2 of them were killers. We need to force more turnovers. We missed 4 fumbles that were on the ground. We only had one play in the game with a loss (on offense), so that was good. Offensive line play its best game.” 

Auburn special teams coordinator Jay Boulware talks about KOC(Arkansas averaged 17.9 yards on 10 kickoff returns. Only one went for more than 21 yards) : "We've been harping on those guys. Kickoff coverage is just open-field run fit. That's all it is. And those guys have to get in particular gaps. And, when we do that, we're going to cover anybody in the country."