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Notre Dame AD talks future scheduling and primetime kick-offs

Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick says the Irish will “look to look to do an off-site game with an SEC opponent at some point, but we don’t have one on the immediate horizon.”

This comes on the heels on last month's statement by head coach Brian Kelly that Notre Dame will not be taken seriously until they beat an SEC opponent.

What about night games?

The Irish will host USC in a primetime kick-off this season in South Bend, but don’t expect multiple night time kick-offs in the near future.

Swarbrick said, “No. I think that’s highly unlikely. We’ll evaluate this after this one-year experiment and see how it goes. And if it works well, we’ll do another one, but I don’t see multiple ones.”

Right now, if you have an extra $1782, you can visit StubHub and buy two sideline tickets near the fifty yard-line for the USC game.

Swarbrick said, “Our approach to game day has changed pretty dramatically, generally. There’s a whole different structure, different way we approach it. And I think in the past year especially – perhaps the past two years – you could really see a difference in the atmosphere around game day and the experience people are having. So I felt comfortable, with that infrastructure in place, with that altered approach in place, it was time to try it (primetime kick-off) again.”