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Nutt responds to hot garbage coming out of Starkville

For the first time publicly, it appears Houston Nutt reached a boiling point and responded to the garbage coming out of Starkville swagger started by Dan Mullen and continued by the Mississippi State athletic department.

During a Rebel Club event on Tuesday night in Jackson, Mississippi, Nutt took a subtle shot at Mississippi State.

Nutt may have been trying to highlight the class that Ole Miss. (Boring)

He may have just wanted to remind the Rebel fans of the 45-0 trouncing he put on Mississippi State during his first season as Ole Miss head coach. (Always acceptable to remind your fans of an in-state butt kicking)

OR he may have wanted to hint to Rebel fans that he’s tired of this garbage coming out of Starkville. (In which case, he probably just fired up the Rebel fan base.)

Nutt said about the 45-0 win in 2008, “Nobody had to carry around the trophy and show everybody.”

According to the Clarion-Ledger, Nutt said this year's Egg Bowl against Mississippi State is, "Personal."

Here’s one of the videos the Mississippi State athletic department released that is touting the back-to-back Egg Bowl wins over Ole Miss. The Bulldogs toured the state with trophy, then attempted to make some funny marketing videos to brag about the trophy.

Obviously, Nutt doesn’t think too highly of the garbage production.