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O-Line insight from Bob Bostad

Bucs offensive line coach Bob Bostad is taking over a veteran offensive line in his first season in Tampa Bay, and is stressing the importance of gelling as a unit early and being able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each individual.

“The offense line has to gel as one. You can’t have this guy with a good game and this guy with a bad game. I think what makes that happen is identifying guy's strengths and weaknesses. You only get so many reps in a game. When you go out to practice you can't just run plays to run plays. You have to say 'This guy does this well, and this guy does this well' and then start to formulate a plant to attack a defense in multiple and balanced ways so you are not just looking like (an offense) that guys in the stands are figuring out.”

Early on workouts, Bostad has his eyes guys that have potential and are right on the verge of making the roster and shares his thoughts the qualities he looks for in a player on the fringe.

“To have the quality is one thing, but now do you have the work ethic? Do you have the attention to detail? Are you taking the coaching and are you getting better off of it? I think those are the things that kind of make that (fringe) guy come out of nowhere and go in the direction you want them to go."

The Bucs return two quality Pro Bowl guards and Bostad believes the strength in the interior will allow them really open things up and be balanced. 

“If you can be good on the inside you have a chance to do a lot of good things tackle to tackle. You want to have those elements and those guys fill those prerequisites. They are strong guys.”

“I have always believed you have to be balanced. I think that is something I have always have done, if I want to take ownership for some things, is to make sure that the team comes in and lines up across from you says, 'They aren’t just going to line up and attack one way.' And whatever the scheme is, have some balance. Do what you do well. Then how can we exploit what they do well? Make their key players be guessing a little.”