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O'Brien: Most significant game since I've been here, latest from Fitz and others

NC State head coach Tom O’Brien calls FSU game the biggest of his tenure: "I think without question this is the most significant game since I've been here. Generally, at this point, we're so far behind the curve because of the situations we've faced for these last two years. These kids have done a great job putting themselves in this situation at 5-2.

Don’t expect Kyle Whittingham’s team at Utah to overlook Air Force: "There will be no chance of us overlooking this game."

Pat Fitzgerald, who prefers to redshirt his freshman class, has played 5 true freshmen this year: "It's deeper than whether or not he can help us in the kicking game or whether or not we sell kids a bag of goods in recruiting and say you're going to play as a freshman. It's their future."

“Sometimes we're wrong. Sometimes maybe we look back and say, 'Gosh, I wish I would have played him or I wish I would have put them in.' But I'd rather err on the side of being a year late than a day early."

Ruffin McNeill says stats can kill the confidence of a defense, winning is what matters: “With offenses today, I had to learn this in the Big 12, you can’t really get caught up in the stats too much with the league we play in. You’d lose a lot of confidence if you did. Everybody is able to move the ball.”

UCF defensive coordinator Dave Huxtable says tackling is the key to success against East Carolina: “There’s no question about it. We stress every day that tackling is the most important fundamental. And particularly when you’re going up against a team like East Carolina, as I’ve already mentioned good skilled players, they’re going to get some catches. What we have to do is make sure we tackle them at the catch and not let them get the yards after the catch. We’re working hard on tackling on every drill and on every rep. Our guys understand how important tackling is in a game like this.”

Hawaii coach Greg McMackin say 6-2 start helps everyone in Hawaii: "We've tried to give the people of Hawaii something to be proud of. When Mufi [Hannemann] was mayor, he told me that every time we win, the negative calls are cut down. Nobody is complaining about potholes. That's something we talked about as a team: Putting a smile on the faces of our fans. We want to give them something positive in these tough times."

Pitt defensive coordinator Phil Bennett calls out his middle linebacker: "We've got to get better play out of our middle linebacker," Bennett said. "We've got to play better there. We've got to get more plays made at that position."

Mike Canales says North Texas is a gold mine ready to take off: “Do you see that beautiful stadium being built right there? I’d sure like to be a part of that, because this place is going nowhere but up. This is a gold mine that’s ready to take off.”