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Ohio State, Clemson, and Texas A&M had a meeting of the offensive minds

In an effort to get better and learn something new this off season, the offensive staffs from Clemson and Texas A&M went up to visit Ohio State last week.

Yes, three teams that ranked in the top ten in the FBS in scoring last season converged in one room, with the primary objective being to leave with one nugget of information that will help improve an already potent offensive attack into something even more dangerous to defenses. Tom Herman's Buckeyes ranked third in scoring offense, Chad Morris' crew ranked eighth, and while Jake Spavital will be calling the shots at A&M for this first time this fall, the Aggies ranked fifth in scoring last season.

Since Chad Morris, Jake Spavital and Tom Herman each attack defenses very differently, and still specialize in putting points on the board, there was plenty to learn.

"You're not trying to change the style of offense, you're just looking for a couple of little things where you can tweak your offense," Texas A&M offensive coordinator Jake Spavital explained to CBS Sports.

"If you got a coaching a point out of it, you made the play better, so you're talking, 'Maybe the QB needs to take a shorter drop, or maybe it's better if it's slower developing.' You're talking about timing issues about what the path of the offensive linemen are; how the quarterback's footwork should be. There is a lot to be discussed and you kind of just chip away."

In a meeting room with Herman, Spavital and Morris, I can imagine Ohio State's power run game being a major talking point, as well as Morris' vertical passing attack and play action game, and Spavital chipping in with plenty of screen game and efficient route concepts. Lots of great X's and O's content, as well as coaching points from some of the best in the business were being exchanged in that room.

Imagine the asking price if that kind of information was put on a DVD and put up for auction. Who wouldn't want it?