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Ohio State giving out iPads to student athletes

After recognizing an impressive 548 student athletes for achieving above a 3.0 GPA, Ohio State has decided to enhance and support the student athlete experience by providing iPads.

“The use of iPads will allow us to find creative and innovative ways to enhance our tutoring and mentoring services for student-athletes. The iPads will be preloaded with athletics department materials currently provided to student-athletes in paper or book form and will be available to students throughout their academic careers.” Dr. David Graham, Ohio State assistant Provost for academic success explained.

Starting in the fall, the University will provide 500 iPads with the goal to provide all student athletes (about 1,100) with one within the next two years. The iPads will be issued to student athletes and retrieved accordingly.

According to the official press release, the iPad will provide advantages to help with the challenges that student athletes face while traveling during the season, as well as other issues including:

- Enhanced learning through digital technology including e-textbooks, digital course materials and online course programming; this will build on and complement Student-Athlete Support Services’ initiative to create iBooks for courses relating to student-athletes

- Improved academic productivity during team travel, as students will have easy access to email, Carmen (Ohio State’s online course management system), Ohio State library databases, Pages and Numbers for word processing and spreadsheet creation, FaceTime, Skype and other tools that will enable coursework to be completed on the road

- Better access to content through applications (apps) that will help students engage with subject matter

-Increased time management and stronger study skills through apps designed to help college students manage their hectic schedules and workloads

- Better services for students with learning disabilities via assistive technology

- Stronger familiarity with the latest innovative technology that will prove valuable for student-athletes in the classroom as well as the 21st century workplaces they will join after graduation