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Ohio State has a new 'toy' in the weight room


ESPN did an interesting article this morning on a new toy in the Buckeye's weight room. The strength staff recently added a new reaction based machine, and coaches have seen the results translate onto the field almost immediately.

The new device (pictured below), by Dynavision, is a large black square covered in small lights, and the object is for players hitting the most black dots in a 60 second span. Even after grueling practices, players are running to the machine to try and beat the high score.

"“It’s kind of like a video game, so they’re into it, the object is obviously to decrease reaction time from the time they see a light sensor to the time they hit it." strength coach Mickey Marotti explained.

"The theory is when you see a ball or just [improve] the awareness of what’s going on around them, they can speed that up a little bit. It’s good because it’s competitive, and they’re fighting back in that room to see who can get the high score. They’re charging in here all the time trying to get to it. It’s good...that’s what we want.”

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see why corners coach Kerry Coombs wanted to get the Dynavision machine, and ESPN's article explains the type of results that Coombs and the coaching staff saw in action on the field.