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Oklahoma OC Kevin Wilson explains offensive success against FSU

Oklahoma racked up 487 total yards in the 47-17 win over Florida State.

Following the game, Oklahoma offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson explained the key to successful day on offense.

Wilson said, "Some of the best things we did was when we were doing some of our simple stuff where we just go fast and they're not lined up. Our tempo helped us a lot because I don't think they were ready sometimes. But once we get into our conference, teams have seen us."

The Sooners used “The Pistol” backfield set to help the down-hill run game.

"It's not like Nevada. We did it a smidge last year. We just want to be a little more downhill (on running plays). We're trying to be more of a physical offense. Nevada uses more option. We're just trying to get the back going sideways instead of going north and south. You also hide some of your tendencies."

Landry Jones completed 30-40 pass for 380 yards and 4 touchdowns. Oklahoma allowed just 1 sack and the only turnover was the result of a fumble.

Oklahoma hosts Air Force next Saturday.