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Oklahoma State at Texas A&M (notes)

Big game this weekend at Kyle Field as Oklahoma State (#7) comes to town to play A&M (#8) (3:30 on ABC / ESPN2). 

A couple of notes caught our eye.

This is the first time two Top 10 ranked teams will play at Kyle Field in 36 years. Surprising.

Oklahoma State is attempting to do something they have never before back to back games at Kyle Field. Never?

Through two games, A&M has not allowed a sack and is leading the nation averaging 5.5 sacks per game (11 total thus far). Last season, with Von Miller who personally recorded 10.5 sacks on the season, the Aggies didn't record their 11th sack until the 7th game of the year. 

Mike Sherman said he didn't stay up to watch the Oklahoma State / Tulsa game that started after midnight and went on probably until right before he woke up; but he said he came to the office at 8AM, right after mass, and his staff already had the tape ready for him. Nice work guys. Dedication.

Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy is in his seventh season and last week's victory over Tulsa was his 50th. Prior to his arrival, Oklahoma State had never before been ranked in the Top 10...he's done it four straight seasons now.

Ought to be a good one.