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Oliver Luck: Would I do it again? I don't know.

West Virginia athletic director Oliver Luck just completed a radio interview with 93.7 The Fan in Pittsburgh.

As you probably know, there have been a number of stories that have surfaced recently regarding Dana Holgorsen and Bill Stewart. We have been hesitant to mention the news because several stories have seemed skepitcal at best. We wanted to hear from the horse's mouth.

Holgorsen and Stewart have yet to speak publicly, but here are the interesting comments from Oliver Luck:

“I’d be the last one to deny that we're in a little bit of a controversy.”

“It’s difficult to know what’s fact and what’s not. I’ve got to have to time to figure that out. I can’t really say much at this point beyond that.”

“We are having a little bit of drama. I think the program is in pretty good shape. We can get this all sorted out.”

“My information has left me with a high level of confidence that there were a number of blatant inaccuracies of these allegations (with Holgrosen).”

“I have a high level of confidence in his (Holgorsen’s) persona and discipline.”

Asked if he would make the coaching in-waiting hire again, Luck said, “I thought it made sense at the time. Dana was given the opportunity to come in and focus on the offense, for Stew to act as the mentor, give him a bit of understanding of the state and the culture of Mountaineer football. So in my mind, I thought in made some sense. In retrospect, we can all second guess. Would I do it again, I don’t know.”