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Imagine this: On the way to your game, your bus catches on fire

Concordia-Selma College, located in Alabama, had to abruptly cancel their game against Miles College on Saturday and it had nothing to do with the weather or any other reason we've seen a game cancelled over the past decade.

Concordia-Selma had to call things off because their team bus caught on fire after blowing a tire on the way to the game. Luckily, no players or coaches were injured, but the bus and all the equipment on it were absolutely destroyed. 

Below is a look at the aftermath.

While we're glad that everybody got out safely, this is just awful to see. Hopefully the college community, and coaches around the country can rally together during this difficult time to make sure that these coaches and players are able to band together and finish the season that they've all worked so hard for. Reports that we've read say that the team lost everything, so we're reaching out to the staff to see if there is any way that we, and coaches around the country, can help in any way.

The game against Miles will not be rescheduled, but Concordia-Selma plans to play West Alabama on Saturday. As always, we'll keep you updated.