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One Wisconsin fan is REALLY excited for the Gary Andersen era


You may or may not be aware, but these days people are willing to pay money to walk through a corn maze. With the help of a GPS, in the span of a day farmers can turn their corn field into an intricate maze, and then invite the public to find their way through it.

Wisconsin farmer Don Schuster is a member of this group and this year decided to show his Badgers spirit by carving Gary Andersen's head, along with the message "Welcome to Camp Randall", into an eight-acre field.

Located just a half-hour drive from Madison, the maze opens for business on Sept. 21. That day also doubles as Wisconsin's Big Ten opener versus Purdue at Camp Randall. For Andersen's and Schuster's sakes, let's hope the Badgers are 3-0 by that point.