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Oregon gets their Rose Bowl rings


When you win the Rose Bowl for the first time in 95 years, you like to commemorate the win (and great season) with a ring that is just as fitting as the accomplishment, and just as shiny as their bowl game helmets.

Judging from the picture below, the Ducks have done just that.

The rings are made from white or yellow precious metal (depending on the individual players preference), and the top is surrounded by 60 hand cut cubic zirconia stones. The "O" logo is custom cut into a green stone with the Rose Bowl logo as the centerpiece.

The sides of the rings aren't pictured, but the left side of the ring has the players last name and jersey number along with the duck wing theme from the infamous chrome winged helmets, and the other side has "2012 Champs" and "Win the Day" with the final score and a silhouette of the stadium.