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Oregon players on new facility: 'There's no excuses now'

Oregon's new football performance center is already being hailed by some respected outlets as the best in all of football. Of course, the media's opinion doesn't really matter. The only opinions that truly matter are that of the Oregon football roster - present and future.

So yesterday, Oregon let the Ducks take an official tour of the Hatfield-Dowlin Complex. You're not going to believe this, but they were impressed.

Quarterback Marcus Mariota was most impressed with his pre-stocked locker. "This is crazy, my locker's so organized," the sophomore beamed. "Everything's organized. My sock drawer is organized. There's no excuses now." 

Mariota's last statement could very well have been about his ability to keep a clean locker, but we like to think he was talking about the entire program as a whole.