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Oregon State debuts new logos and uniforms


If you want to unveil new uniforms, you send out a press release and tweet photos of your school's new look. If you want to completely re-brand your entire athletic department, you do what Oregon State did on Monday: hold a night-time event, with flashy lights, an emcee, a overflow crowd and live stream it on the Internet.

Make no mistake about it: in 2013, logos and uniforms are serious business.

"It's about the three r's: recruiting, recruiting and recruiting," said Oregon State athletic director Bob De Carolis.

DeCarolis said tonight's rebrand was two years in the building, with the department's entire look - the Beaver head, fonts, the whole kit - up for an overhaul. 

(As an aside, if there was one school that seemed like a lock to be an Adidas school it would be Oregon State considering the company is headquartered in Beaverton, Ore., and the Beavers' intrastate rival is Nike's golden child, but what do I know?)

Nevertheless, the orange and black colors survived (to a round of applause from the crowd) but everything else has been modified or updated. The font, which Nike is smartly applying to all uniforms across the athletic department, features marks hearkening to beaver marks on a tree and the new cursive Beavers wordmark is a "modern approach to a classic script," as the Nike executive on hand described it. 

Without further ado, here is the new-look Oregon State athletic department. 


View the full Nike press release here. Oregon State's press release can be seen here.