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Oregon State's new Turf


Oregon State laid down some new turf in Corvallis for this season, but the designs at midfield and in the end zones are only temporary.

A few months ago, Oregon State reached out to Nike to research some possible changes to their logo, colors, and font. Because of the possible changes, the field is being outfitted with temporary logo's and font for this season, with any major branding changes to take place in the fall of 2013. Any permanent changes to the field will be made thereafter.

Along with the new playing surface going down, the Beavers are also getting Turf installed on their practice field, a change that head coach Mike Riley believes will be a game changer from a safety and preparation standpoint.

“This is an exciting project on many fronts. In reality, we aren’t able to use our practice facility to the extent we would like in its current form due to the field conditions in inclement weather; Turf opens up many options for us that haven’t been available, mainly giving us more practice space and the ability to be outdoors more often as well as adding a measure of safety for our student-athletes.”